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Trust Christopher T.L. Brown, Attorney at Law, PLLC for your estate planning, tax planning, business planning and transactions, and more.

More than an attorney, Chris can play a key role in the success of your business AND life. He’s put the pieces of the puzzle together for numerous individuals and businesses. His passion for and extensive knowledge of his areas of practice allow Chris to provide guidance through the confusing, intimidating, while yet important steps of preparing the success of both businesses and ordinary lives. Without these critical services, many would be left to deal with all of the problems that pop up on their own.



  •    University of Washington College Law, Masters in Tax program (LL.M.), 2001
  •    Willamette University College of Law, J.D., 2000
  •    Willamette University, B.A., 1994


  •   Washington
  •   Oregon
  •   U.S. Tax Court



What Chris Brown Can Do For You

“Before opening my own firm, I practiced in the business planning and transactional section at Hanna Strader, P.C., in Portland, OR. I also practiced estate planning and business planning with Worth Law Group, P.S. in Tumwater, WA. These two places brought many different cases from a wide variety of clients varying from everyday people and businesses to clients who had amassed high-end and ultra high-end wealth. The complexity of these cases prepared me well by allowing me to form LLCs, limited partnerships, and business transactions. I also structured and oversaw the purchase and sale of businesses, deferred compensation plans and stock offering plans, among other complicated transactions. While there, my main focus was succession planning for family businesses, ensuring clients were able to pass money, assets, and businesses on to next generation how they wanted to. And of course, I dealt with IRS audits as well so my clients could rest easy and focus on other important aspects of building their businesses or passing wealth effectively.

Now, I’m able to provide expertise and guidance in the areas of estate planning, business planning and transactions, tax planning, and non-profit / charitable giving. I can assist clients with their State, Federal, and International Tax matters, involving estate, gift and income tax issues. My understanding of Japanese, both language and culture, and my interest in international business transactions, many of which involved “tax issues”, inspired me to complete the Masters in Tax Program (LL.M) at the University of Washington College of Law in 2001. Because of my tax and legal background, I’m able to provide you the resources you need to carry out and fulfill many of your business and life goals.


The Drive Behind The Law Firm

It’s funny when I look back on my younger years. A lot of the folks around me told me I should go into ministry due to my ability to listen deeply to people and their problems and offer solutions. It just so happens that law and its business applications had a stronger pull on me. I opened my own firm because I was tired of seeing the disconnect between law firms and the people they were working for. I prefer to work WITH my clients, getting to know them, their values, and the opinions of all involved. By taking this time to listen, instead of handing you off to a secretary or paralegal like other firms, I’m able to make sure the outcome is one that’s in the best interest of all involved. In my opinion, too many law firms are just interested in their sales funnel and bottom line. I believe in personalized solutions that work within the legal bounds and make your wealth and assets effective and efficient.

While I’m not figuring out what needs to be done for other businesses and families, I’m raising my own family. My lovely wife, Fumiko and I got married in 2000. Together we have my daughter, Miya, and my sons, Kenji and Shinji. The three are active in sports, school activities, and community events. I’m proud of the people they’ve become and can’t wait to see what they’ll do with their talents. Fumiko and I have raised them to follow their heart and help others, so I have no doubt they’ll do amazing things.

Fumiko and I are also active in the local community. I have served on the Board of the Olympia Symphony Orchestra and other non-profits and I am involved with the Gateway Rotary club in Lacey. Fumiko, in the meantime, has given her time extensively in the community through her efforts with the Junior League of Olympia.

To me, when it comes to any legal planning, it’s pretty simple: Learn where people are in regard to their wealth and assets; Talk with them to find out their concerns, goals, and wishes; and Create the legal planning and documentation they’ll need to most successfully carry out their vision. 

If this is something you’d like to discuss with me, give me a call at (360) 292-4556. I look forward to assisting you to achieve or protect your biggest, most important dreams.

Ruth Qi, the founder of Maat Law Group, PLLC, has been a business consultant (in China and the U.S.) for the past 15 years and an attorney for nearly a decade. 

Ruth provides one-stop services to businesses, start ups and non-profits to meet all your contract needs. From negotiations to final review, each stage of contract development is crucial to that success. Whether we’re talking business contracts, employment contracts or individual agreements— Ruth has the professional knowledge and experience to help you efficiently and quickly finalize your transactions. 

Ruth is thorough, efficient and transparent, and committed to the success of her clients around the world.


J.D. Houvener is a Patent Attorney and owner of Bold Patents Law Firm. He serves as Of Counsel to Christopher T.L. Brown Attorney At Law Firm and handles specifically Patent matters for their clients. He has served inventors as a Registered USPTO Patent Attorney for over 5 years.  

J.D. partners with Chris and his team to deliver top quality legal services in many different industries and business stages from start-up to growth phase. His background in business (MBA) and as an ex-Boeing Engineer position him well to speak to technical and business-minded clients alike. He provides strategic advice to the firm's clients by seeing the forest from the trees helping his clients from idea conception to patent protection, to market success and financial reward.

Have a question about the invention process? Not sure how to get started? We are here to help you bring your visionary idea to market!